Home Hip Hop Kid Vicious - Gunz And Butter Ft. Mason King (Official Music Video)

Kid Vicious – Gunz And Butter Ft. Mason King (Official Music Video)


CELL BLOCK ENT: Kid Vicious – Gunz And Butter Ft. Mason King (Official Music Video)

Kid Vicious – Gunz And Butter Ft. Mason King

Filmed, Edited & Produced by: Ai #iLLP
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/producer_ai_illp/

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Kid Vicious: https://www.instagram.com/vicious_626/
Mason King: https://www.instagram.com/masonking_213/

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  1. Showing that lil kids it’s ok to be from a varrio throwing h the F gang fucking sad I won’t ever let my son throw gang signs on a small age..

  2. Them flows are fire 🔥 video 👌😎Unite support the real 💯 The beat 🔥 Tag, spread the word and hit them views up sky rocket 🚀 Tap in and subscribe 💯 The City Fire 🔥 💯 Hit them followers up on the crazy 😜 Instagram 🔥 💯 Much ❤️ to all hustlers 🙏❤️❤️💯

    • JESUS FRANCO Insulated, plastered. Walls like overdraft, account canceled.
      Money in the wall, magic.
      No holes
      No rings
      The floaters.
      Back asswards.

    • Fuck Empd Picante paste, red bandanna, girl dismantles, automatics. Sea the witness on those tracks Union. Blasted up bum equipment. Paycheck. City issued. Smithsonian. No panhandle. Spainge can’t carry sword, spaniard, mispelled, reforge. #USCongress

  3. Man rasa be fucking up biting mayates style …the flow the fucking Styrofoam cup thw little bitch purse …getcha own steelo faggots!

  4. EMF is off the hook but what happened to the OG look all the new generation of homies looks like there in that skinny jean style and they don’t even have that mentality anymore nortenos are growing it’s sad there’s never been northern down south but I think that’s going to change soon FML

  5. Thas wassup gee another banger for reals.. F gang all day.. Look at Tata loko being a movie star lol thas wassup good work

  6. #IllpQueen up in here to show my family love and support.Follow on IG @vicious_626 @Masonking_213 and @Producer_ai_illp
    creating Banger after Banger! Stay tuned for much more music Follow on The Gram! S/O to @LatinBeastTV. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! #respect Thanks for the platform🙏❤💯

  7. Lol what the fuck is this… fools from El Monte rapping like mayates now too…god damn!!! We need tokes back to check these fools…


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