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girl in a coma performing “their cell” on may 6, 2007 at F.Y.E at south park mall. san antonio,tx


  1. Such a good live performance! In a mall at that!
    G I A C!!
    Everyone should recognize the greatness.
    Rock on girlz!!!

  2. I was totally there!!! I didn’t realize until now that was them though. lol.

    I was in the food court eating. lol.

  3. the band is great, awesome, why all the foul language in comments, check out their other videos, crass and crude. people who cuss show their lack of education.

  4. forgive me for re-posting, but this girl is simply too, too good. again, simply amazing talent. the music is very good, but that VOICE is exquisite!!

  5. 000becks In regards to the comment of Nina’s color, she is white. All three of these girls are white. Spanish sir names with European heritage which can vary. Although todays society has catagorized without studyingthe history of North America. “Peace” G.I.A.C. Rock On ; Love You, LouieV.

  6. @MrLouieVXP I love how the most uneducated people are usually the first to write “do some research; study the history, etc.”

    It has been WELL established that there is no biological basis for race. “Race” is a social construct. These women are Chicanas/Mestizas/Latinas– ethnically, culturally, etc.

    It is INSULTING to call them “white.” It completely erases their lived experience as women of color living in the U.S.

    and, btw, its “SURNAME”– not “sir name.”

  7. It’s funny , the people in the background they just walk by then stop and like ๐Ÿ˜€ except at 2:45 when they all leave in the back xD That sucks

  8. @TheThroney That is what happens when you have to much to drink ๐Ÿ™‚ I was asking my friend Vanessa if that was her standing on the left ,that Nina was looking at ?


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